About Us

"We should not judge people by their peak of excellence; but by the distance they have travelled from the point where they started.”

-Henry Ward Beecher

And this is where it all begins. A dream, a path, a journey and the experiences.

We started out with one dream and one aim: "To provide our fellow Musicians with a better system which is Transparent and Accessible, in order to make the Music Industry frictionless and more open towards talent."

Being Musicians ourselves, the feeling of glory and the other side of glory is quite well known to us. We stepped out in the field, ran marathons and conversed with over 1000 musicians, to know whether we really know the depths of being a musician? The pain which we went through, is it the same everywhere? The dreams we have, does it resonate with the dreams of other musicians? The struggles, the fights, the uphill paths, the "Never Say Die" attitude and the "Eureka" moments, do all we musicians feel the same way, see the same way and dream the same way?

To know all of this, an amazing team was the requirement. A team with "Never Say Die" attitude, who could take on the Avengers if required. And after months of blood, sweat, tears and joy, here we stand today with something which is worth everything. Something which is not just an opportunity but an entire life, something which is not just a way to get on stage but to Live the Moments. Something which is not a path to become popular but to feel the magic of every single note. Something which is more than just another experience, just another show and just another stage. We are here with something for you, who is willing to experience a lifetime in every moment.

So if you are an artist, join us in our journey to be someone who has a life worth living, worth dreaming and worth achieving and if you are an art lover then join us to celebrate moments which is worth a lifetime.

We are Plug In Baby. We are Revolution. We are YOU.

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